The Best Erotic Massages in Madrid

The most spectacular erotic masseurs of the Capital, in Paul Gems Elite Escorts Madrid. Ladies with great experience in the art of massage, relaxation and pleasure. Your hands and body will melt into one skin and make this experience one of the most unforgettable moments you can have. Let yourself be caressed by the most beautiful women and with the most sensual bodies of Madrid.

Sensitive, tantric, relaxing, erotic, body to body massage … Choose your experience and your erotic masseuse and enjoy the sensations … and a final that you will choose. Flame we will detail the details.

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Beyond pleasure

It is a massage that only tends to seek maximum pleasure. It does not involve sexual intercourse with real penetration, but the touch of erogenous zones is implied, it is one of the most intimate massages. Let yourself be caressed, observed and delighted with one of our spectacular masseurs in the capital. The most intense erection and orgasm you can experience. The fusion of body and soul in a dance of seduction.

Not only do you work with your hands

Although almost all erotic massages are performed naked, this especially focuses on body to body, skin to skin touch. Caresses, pressures and movements are made with different body areas that increase the excitement of the client. The oils and creams are important in these erotic massages to increase the pleasure and relaxation of the gentleman. One of the most sensual massages you can experience. In this variety the erotic masseuse interacts during the whole session with the client, he can also caress and massage different parts of his body that leaves the enjoyment of the Lord. There is a non-verbal communication and a mutual excitement through skin-to-skin touch.

Crossing the limits

Prostate massage is one of the great taboos of the heterosexual modern world, massage focuses on the area of the perineum and the prostate to get it even more stimulated, since in the relations the prostate swells when it gets aroused, our erotic masseurs break this taboo, since for them it is a usual practice to get the gentleman to increase the pleasure and sensations. Check and let yourself caress one of the most hidden corners of male pleasure. Prostate stimulation helps men experience more satisfying sexual encounters. You will improve in performance between the sheets and you will be able to discover orgasms of an explosive intensity.

Unite your body and your mind

In addition to connecting with the erotic masseur, you will melt into deep relaxation with your body and mind. Close your eyes let the other senses wake up and accentuate. Listen to the music, the whispers of your masseurs and feel the caresses of one of the most spectacular ladies that will transport you to another dimension.

Western massage

With or without clothes, your goal is to achieve muscle relaxation of your entire body, get away from your problems for a moment and rest from the daily stress that causes the current life and more in a capital like Madrid. let yourself be guided by one of our beautiful erotic masseuses, with long, fluid and pleasant movements that will make this moment an unrepeatable experience.