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Requirements to be a Lady Paul Gems

Our models are distinguished by a series of physical qualities, behavior, personality and level of education that represent the modern woman, safe, independent and intelligent, in addition to being equipped with a beauty undeniable. To be one of the best models, you must have a picture taken care of down to the smallest detail and to know how to exploit each of the charms that present and acentuarlos even more.

In the agency makes an exhaustive selection of each one of the girls, and in addition to fill out the form and comply with the requirements described below, a personal interview will be held later to meet her personally. Requirements:

  • You have to between 20 and 40 years.
  • Elegance ,know and education.
  • Be punctual, dynamic and with a healthy life style.
  • Pleasant personality and close.
  • Have a careful, be physically attractive and beautiful.
  • Do not work only as model, we are looking for young ladies that combine this work with your day to day, with his profession, university, athletes…
  • Send two photos , one of face and whole body, non-photographic studios and without retouching, these images will only be to have a clear idea of the miss and it will be published on the web.

What we offer?

In the event of be accepted your request will contact the team of Paul gems to make an appointment and a personal interview, where in addition to know it, it will be explained to the internal functioning of the enterprise, in the form of work, organization and approach of the services that are offered.

Once a part of our team, we want to offer you the better of the treatment, total professionalism, transparency and the desire to do the best that is in our hands, giving you the opportunity to get to know companies high class, organizing your agenda on a daily basis following your indications and availability in addition we manage your advertising with total confidentiality.

Advice in fashion, makeup and styling is at your disposal once part of Paul Gems, because in our team we want you to feel as satisfied as possible and that you get the better of the treatment.


From Paul Gems we thank you in advance for wanting to be part of our staff and wish you a great day.

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