Not all of the escorts luxury manage to maintain a girlfriend experience with the client, you have to know how to separate work and pleasure and often combine them in such a way as to create a complicity that rubs against the actual treatment of a couple, these young ladies must touch these situations with a great contribution of sensuality and that the experience of the girls make the appointment is more intense and passionate.

Not only is to deal with the escort in more intimate situations, is to go beyond, the escort can share an evening having dinner in a restaurant, talking and getting to know one another, or go out and see the latest collection exhibited in the museum Thyssen… is known and understood in different situations, treatment as a bride; always surrounded by the elegance, eroticism and the company of a beauty that will make you feel like your true partner, that is what in the end is a  girlfriend experience real.

This type of relationships become more intense when the customer requires ongoing services of the same model, creating a more personal knowledge, intense and real to your tastes, personality and requirements in the most intimate moments, both for the customer, as for the young lady.